The X'mas Baubles Project

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In the summer of 2015 Lee Gardens and All Rights Reserved invited HeyHeydeHaas to make its debut in Hong Kong, where they created the world’s first Christmas Bauble vending machine. After taking six months in design and setup, the machines brought an unforgettable Christmas to the city.

The three-part setup consisting of the Baubles Factory, Baubles Post Office and Baubles Express are placed across Lee Gardens, at Lee Theatre, Hysan Place and Lee Garden One in the Causeway Bay area. The lucky visitors who get a Golden Wish Token from the Wish Token Exchange Machine can activate the Baubles machine at Hysan Place and Lee Theatre, setting in motion a series of mesmerising Christmas-themed effects. In the end, they receive a special-edition mega-size X’mas bauble containing a mysterious festive gift.

Organiser: Lee Gardens
Creative Consultant: AllRightsReserved Ltd & Green & Associates
Creative Team: HeyHeydeHaas